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Supplying cutting edge technologies in animal nutritional and health products customers

Thứ năm - 17/12/2020 10:32
We have established a leading position in supplying cutting edge technologies in animal nutritional and health products customers with stringent requirements for feed safety, animal performances and delivery deadlines. As well as global multinationals, our local teams in each country support regional players and the many leading and emerging local manufacturers.

Our technical sales team support a customer base of more than 700 with their deep experience across the Feed sector.  

A continual programme of training and sales excellence ensures that we maintain relevant knowledge and a responsive service. As our customer base continues to grow we track and take pride in the number of new product and new customer wins achieved by our team across the region.

We work exclusively and transparently with our technology partners, offering a regional platform delivered by local market experts. Our portfolio continues to evolve as competition from low cost countries intensifies and local market sophistication increases.

Nguồn tin: www.ingredients.jjsea.com

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